Louise Christie

About Me

Louise Christie who provides counselling in Basingstoke

I have been helping people improve their lives in both a positive and healthy way for over ten years, and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area.

Whatever your problem or issue, I am here to help.

I have worked hard to achieve the qualifications, experience and understanding that I need to be able to help you in a professional, supportive and empathetic manner.

I’d love the opportunity to work with you and feel confident that I have the skills to help with whatever worries or issues you would like to bring to me.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by their guidelines and professional code of ethics.

Apart from counselling, coaching, stress management and lifestyle consultation, other areas that I am qualified in are:-


Nutritional Therapy

Weight Loss Management

Sports Therapy and Fitness Management

Advanced Personal Training

I specialise in providing advice and help in:

  • Counselling

    Level 5 Advanced Professional Diploma in Humanistic Counselling

    The power of being truly listened to and acknowledged without judgement can be both empowering and liberating.  Sometimes you just need to be listened to so that you can release yourself from your worries, anxieties, fears or concerns.  There are many different ways to look at a situation but when you are close to it, it’s easy to feel trapped with no way out – counselling will help you gain clarity and provide you with a way forward.

  • Life Coaching

    Open College Diploma in Life Coaching

    For many of my clients a more goal oriented or solution focussed approach has more benefit than pure counselling.   Coaching is about now and moving forward to achieve goals or targets, as well as learning how to improve skills and knowledge.   However in many cases it is the combination of therapies that has the most positive outcome.

  • Stress Management

    Premier Training Stress Management and Lifestyle Consultation Certificate

    Life is hard enough for most of us, but when you are struggling with additional pressures it can become unbearable leading to stress, anxiety and the start of what seems like a downward spiral. Take action today to stop that decline by exploring and gaining perspective so that you can tackle the root cause of the stress, leading to a much calmer and happier life.

  • Lifestyle Consultation

    Premier Training Stress Management and Lifestyle Consultation Certificate

    In life’s school report most of us would get “could do better”.  Managing our lifestyle in terms of how we appreciate our time, health, fitness and loved ones can make a huge difference. Lifestyle management is all about encouraging the changes that we can make to improve ourselves and our relationships with those around us.