For some people there is a desire to reach personal or professional goals and dreams and this is best addressed through the power of coaching.  Coaching is a great way to lay out the problems that you are experiencing, gain some clarity and come up with the strategies that you need to overcome them.

Coaching is not someone telling you how to live your life it is a method that allows you to come up with appropriate plans and approaches that are right for you.  Fear of change or fear of failure is often what holds people back and we can help you overcome this.

The coaching approach will be personalised to suit you your needs and we often find that using an integration of coaching with some counselling is necessary.

Everyone is different and it depends on what you are striving to achieve and what is holding you back from reaching your goals and dreams.  We respect each person as a unique individual and will find a way to work that will suit you.

Your sessions will be completely confidential and we work with ages 16 and over, taking on both short and long-term work.

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your therapist, so we would like to offer you a reduced fee (£10), no obligation, first 50 minute session – simply call or text 07971 484093 or send an email to

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